Meeting RMI women was the best part of traveling!

When we finally met face-to-face it is like we have been the closest friends all our lives!

My first Encouraging Women Tour began in Colorado Springs, CO in 2005, with several domestic USA cities, counting 88 flights in all (some were just short layovers). In 2006 my first international Encouraging Women Tour was in Geneva Switzerland when I was scheduled to speak at the Internation Women's Conference but due to missing my connecting flight, and then taking a propeller plane that flew through rather than over the Alps, the pastor asked me to take the pulpit—the first for a woman—probably the one woman who did not want to speak to their congregation for the Sunday morning service!

My final international destination was in 2009 in Madrid Spain, flying through Chicago visiting my son, Dallas and his wife Erin Thiele before arriving back in Missouri.

Seven years later, "it is finished" Tara took up the mantle and began traveling for me! Beginning with Encouraging Women internationally in Nicaragua, her Abundant Life Tour ultimately resulted in her future husband, Gentry, finding the virtuous woman he had saved his heart for.

USA 2005



ASIA 2007


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